About Us


  1. Terra Symphony Orchestra

Terra Symphony Orchestra (TSO) was founded August 1st, 2015 by the Violinist and Violist Eliano Braz. Thanks to many musicians, conductors, and composers of both Brazil and the United States, TSO has become what it is today.  

Terra Symphony Orchestra was created alongside a documentary of the entire process of it's construction and realization, emerging from the dream of Mr. Eliano Bráz.  The project  was funded by donations received from people who simply stopped and listened to his music while he was performing in the New York City subways. 

The Terra Symphony Orchestra was born of the need for greater promotion of Brazilian concert music and its composers within the United States.  The aim  of this orchestra is to honor any kind of music made in Brazil, specifically that which can be adapted to the symphonic format. 

Terra Symphony Orchestra plays an important role in filling a musical void as we are the only group based in the United States built by Brazilian and American musicians dedicated to a repertoire exclusively of Brazilian music and eventually the music of  Latin America as well.

One of our main interests lies in our themed concerts.   This concert format celebrates and honors  great Brazilian teachers and masters and the music they made throughout different periods of history.

Inspired by earth’s original symphony found in the Amazon jungle, 

Terra Symphony Orchestra's mission is to  foster appreciation for the art and classical music of Brazil and share it with the  world.